Optimizing the Customer Journey

Beginning from the first click — and throughout the transition from “interested prospect” to “loyal customer” — the customer journey is one that you can control. By maintaining a strong focus on the user’s experience, you can keep guiding them “down the sales funnel.”

Our 100% in-house team of Creative Designers and UX Designers can develop an interface that provides a “hands-on” feel of the final product. With functional prototyping services that include video-based mockups and A/B testing, we can give our clients the tools they need to pitch their ideas to investors and decision-makers.

Services Provided

User Experience Research & Design

When it comes to the User Experience Design, Code Authority puts the users first. We research and evaluate the best interactive solutions, mapping the user journey every step of the way to meet the highest standards and satisfy the needs of your customer base, be it in web design or in your application.

Functional Prototyping

To demonstrate the user experience we’re developing for you, our UX Designers will provide working examples of how your user experience works. This method is crucial for making sure that we deliver a final product that meets your needs.

A/B Testing

Comparing two versions of an app or website can be an extremely valuable tool in determining how the product will perform. Showing these versions to similar visitors can provide insights that will enable strategic and creative decision-making for your interactive solutions, leading to improved performance overall.

Video Mockups

Using video is a highly effective way to show our clients just how their projects will look when they’re completed. Of course, if they see the video mockups and changes are necessary to improve the user experience, we can make adjustments to ensure the end result is more user-friendly.

User Experience and Interface Design Project Management

We provide you with a dedicated project manager and account service team that will work closely with you on your mobile application or new website — from kickoff meeting to launch — to make sure you’re up-to-date every step of the way and satisfied with every stage of the development cycle.

Brand Strategy & Positioning

In order to help you stand out from the competition, our digital marketing team and UI Designers will work with you to craft an identity that is crisp, clean, and full of what makes you and your product unique.


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