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Code Authority and Improving host live, virtual events each week on a variety of technology-based topics. Event registration is FREE and will be delivered via Microsoft Teams.

Each event is presented by our professional software developers and technology consultants who will provide invaluable takeaway information in each 45-minute session.

Our Virtual Lunch & Learn events will begin at 12:00 CST so grab your lunch and tune in! It’s guaranteed to be an efficient use of your lunch break.

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November 2020
Thu, Nov 5th

CodeLaunch 8

CodeLaunch is the one-of-a-kind annual seed accelerator for early-stage tech startups where professional developers collaborate to build POC and MVP code for the competition finalists.

This one-day event features the finalists from a national startup competition, a startup trade show, educational sessions, and a raucous networking after-party.

Prior to the event, the finalists are paired with one of our North Texas professional developer teams for an intense three-day product hackathon. On event day these finalists are then set loose on our competition stage with their professional team partners in tow to support and demo their product progress.

The competition then gives way to the CodeLaunch Startup Expo – an energetic tradeshow for startups of all stripes, not just competitors. The Expo also features businesses, technologies, and organizations that either make up or support our entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Together with the professional software developers, additional companies who offer services critical to early stage startups will sponsor this year’s finalists with over $100k in complimentary services.

CodeLaunch is where angels, developers, and startup founders collide in a space where deals happen, and companies are launched!

Doors, Exhibitor and Startup Expo @ 3:00pm

Competition @ 5:00pm **Cash Bar and Hors d'oeuvres**

Raucous Networking Party @ 7:00pm – 9:00pm

CodeLaunch 8 is presented by UNT at Frisco

Professional Developer Hackathons by Code Authority, Improving, and others TBD.

Past Events
Thurs, July 2
12:00PM CST

Virtual Lunch & Learn: All About CodeLaunch 8

Jason W. Taylor & Josh Stramiello

If you or someone you know has a tech startup concept, then you want to be sure to tune into this week's Lunch & Learn, presented by Code Authority, where we discuss all things CodeLaunch.

CodeLaunch is a pitch competition, startup expo, and networking event where entrepreneurs can submit their startup concept for the opportunity to win over $100,000 in critical seed services and to network with investors and prominent business owners.

Jason Taylor, President of Code Authority and CodeLaunch founder, is teaming up with CodeLaunch evangelist, Josh Stramiello, to host a free, virtual information session where they will discuss new additions to this year's event and more!

Registrations are limited so be sure to reserve your admission today. The event will be hosted on July 2nd at 12:00 p.m. CT. Delivery is virtual via MS Teams Live Event.

Thurs, June 11
12:00PM CST

Virtual Lunch & Learn: Digital Marketing 101

Cory Hascal & John Smith

As our digital footprint continues to evolve and become more prominent, digital marketing has never been more vital to a business' success. However, with the vast number of marketing channels and tactics available,

finding out where to begin can be overwhelming.

In this week's Lunch & Learn, Code Authority's Digital Marketing Manager, Cory Hascal, and SEO/PPC Guru, John Smith, will be hosting a free, virtual educational session in which they discuss digital marketing basics, effective strategies you can immediately implement into your business, and review the impact that an effective digital marketing campaign can have on the success of your organization.

If your organization is struggling to generate website traffic and leads - or you simply want to increase your raw sales, be sure to tune into this invaluable session.

Registrations are limited so be sure to reserve your admission today. The event will be hosted on June 11th at 12:00 p.m. CT. Delivery is virtual via MS Teams Live Event.

Thurs, June 4
12:00PM CST

Virtual Lunch & Learn: How to Deliver a Successful Project

Mahnaum Khan

Mahnaum Khan is a highly accomplished and professional project manager. From Fortune 500's to startups and everything in between, Mahnaum is experienced in a number of different process environments.

A structured project management process is vital to delivering a successful project - but too much process kills productivity. Understanding the unique needs and business operations of your client's will allow you to help optimize their processes so you can ensure an effective and efficient delivery.

In this week's Virtual Lunch & Learn, Mahnaum explains her project management process and some best practices to guarantee your next project is a success!

Registrations are limited so be sure to reserve your admission today. The event will be hosted on June 4th at 12:00 p.m. CT. Delivery is virtual via MS Teams Live Event.

Thurs, May 28
12:00PM CST

Virtual Lunch & Learn: DotNetNuke (DNN) - When to Migrate vs. Maintain

Joe Brinkman

If your organization's website is running on the DotNetNuke (DNN) content management system, you may find maintaining the platform difficult or better yet,

finding a developer capable of managing it. Given this scenario, you may have to ask yourself the difficult question: should I consider maintaining the DNN platform or should I migrate to a more modern technology?

In this week's Lunch & Learn, Joe Brinkman, the Co-Founder of DotNetNuke (DNN) shares his expert opinion on when it's appropriate to continue utilizing DNN versus when you should transition to another CMS platform.

If you are currently using DotNetNuke, you don't want to miss this week's session.

Registrations are limited so be sure to reserve your admission today. The event will be hosted on May 28th at 12:00 p.m. CT. Delivery is virtual via MS Teams Live Event.

Thurs, May 21
12:00PM CST

Virtual Lunch & Learn: Tech Startup Funding Execution & MVP

Jason W. Taylor

Startups traditionally have a low success rate - with upwards of 90% failing within the first 5 years. However, this is largely in part due to poor execution and planning.

In this week's Lunch & Learn, Code Authority President and CodeLaunch Founder, Jason W. Taylor, will be hosting a free, virtual educational session on how to effectively get to the product MVP stage and executing on your initial round of funding.

With over 8 years of experience in the startup ecosystem as founder of CodeLaunch and having accelerated over 20 startups via the highly successful CodeLaunch seed accelerator program, Jason knows a thing or two about effective execution.

If you have a technology startup concept, be sure to tune into this session, during which, Jason will be providing invaluable information you can implement directly into your startup's business plan.

Registrations are limited so be sure to reserve your admission today. The event will be hosted on May 21st at 12:00 p.m. CT. Delivery is virtual via MS Teams Live Event.

Thurs, May 14
12:00PM CST

Virtual Lunch & Learn: Migrating Small and Medium Business to the Cloud

John Anderson

In today's connected world it is increasingly important to move your business solutions to the cloud so that you and your customers can work efficiently and securely from anywhere in the world.

There are many reasons why moving your small or medium sized business to the cloud would be beneficial, but approaching the move can seem daunting without a clear plan of action. Learn why the cloud is the future and how to get there in an informative session led by Senior Azure Architect John Anderson.


John Anderson is a visionary realist whose experience, insight and creativity has aided not only in building great applications and systems but has also helped create and improve entire business models. John has guided tens of millions of dollars in custom software projects from start to finish. He is especially proficient in the Microsoft Azure platform and has several certifications from various entities including Microsoft, Scrum, and Google.

John is an award-winning diversity and inclusion advocate and has been involved with several related organizations over the years including being a founder of Take Back Oak Lawn, a member of the Dallas Police Department’s Community Advisory Board, executive board member of Dallas Red Foundation, the Dallas Mayor’s LGBT Task Force, and others. He was awarded the Spirit of Equality Leadership Award by the City of Dallas in 2016.

Once an intern, John made his way to becoming vice president of the company following his junior and senior partnership status at CA. He has worked for Code Authority for more than a decade.

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