Comprehensive Digital Marketing Services Done Right

To maximize your business’ efforts, you must utilize a variety of digital marketing channels. From a website that captivates your audience to a social media presence that engages them, Code Authority can build your brand from the ground up to meet your business’ needs.

Services Provided

Web Design

Code Authority's web design team can create a stunning website that pairs functionality and form. Our web development professionals are equipped with the tools to transform code into a website that offers each client a distinctive platform to showcase their business.


Optimize the content search engines are looking for. As a digital marketing agency, Code Authority gets the most out of the content and HTML source code of a webpage so searchers can find you easier and faster.

PPC Management

Transform the way you market to potential clients. Our digital marketing agency's Pay-Per-Click management professionals can enhance your company’s marketing efforts by increasing the visibility of your organization on search engines and social media platforms.

Affiliate Marketing

Promote your business with revenue-sharing-based strategies. Experts with insight into the commission-earning-process will aid you in affiliate marketing techniques that benefit your company.

Social Media Management

Meet your target audience with appropriate content for the time and platform being utilized. Cody Authority’s digital marketing agency representatives analyze the best practices for managing social media to digitally transform the way your business interacts with prospects and users.

Content Management

Rely on content marketing services that generate a library of relevant content to help improve the on-page SEO efforts of your business. We help pair compelling content your audience will enjoy with content marketing strategies needed to progress your impact and reach.

Graphic Design

Delineate your brand across digital platforms with professional graphic design services. Code Authority highlights the key selling points of your company and devises corresponding graphics ranging from infographics to social-media-ready, sharable graphics to support your business’ digital transformation.

Brand Creation & Management

Present your company in an unparalleled fashion with assistance from our brand management team. By utilizing a comprehensive suite of digital marketing services to design a strong brand, Code Authority can make your company uniquely memorable.


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