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For a company to benefit from its data, the business must analyze its data. Organizational data ranges from business to business, so you need custom BI solutions for your company. Whether you want us to gather and interpret your business’ data or help you determine departmental patterns and outliers by using business intelligence technologies, we have the resources to provide you the insight your business needs.

Services Provided

Predictive Analysis

Define the appropriate analysis projects for your business with the help from Code Authority’s high-tech advisers. From there, we’ll collect data, and analyze the findings, to provide you with actionable insight while preparing you for the future of your establishment.

Reporting & Alerts

Visualize organizational statistics with reporting and alert services. Our experienced business intelligence professionals are skilled in Power BI, Qlik, SSRS, Tableau and more. We’ll help you make smarter data decisions for your company with business intelligence solutions.


Evaluate your company’s data in a central location for streamlined business operations. A team of business intelligence specialists can interpret data at a glance with dashboard and BI tools to provide your company with practical, simplified business information.

Performance Management

Manage tasks to meet your goals with a customized work system for tracking company members’ progress and conduct. Code Authority offers performance management so you can focus on performance from individual to enterprise level.

OLAP Analysis

Efficiently analyze your business’ statistics with comprehensive data evaluations by business intelligence technology professionals. Our OLAP analysis services provide clients with the insight necessary for information detection within your business.

Data Visualization

Gather actionable insights with data visualization services through our custom digital solutions agency. Code Authority’s experts take your complex data and transform it into understandable, valuable information for your organization’s use.

Data Discovery

Uncover the patterns and deviations within your business’ data with our data discovery services. Code Authority’s skilled analysts are proficient in applying advanced analytics tools for the benefit of companies in all fields of work.

Big Data Analytics

Extract the information you need for understanding your customers’ behaviors and preferences. By utilizing business intelligence technologies, our data analysists manage the complex information that’s critical for facilitating your business.


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