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UX/UI Design Consulting and Trends

Building your brand online is critical for sustaining your business. With UX tools becoming increasingly accessible, designers across an array of industries are assessing new trends to capture users’ attention. While design must convey the intended narrative, professionals should consider how and why their design matters to their target audience.

Code Authority’s expert UI/UX designers have the necessary tools to transform your online presence. Using visual and audial entertainment as examples, we will take a look at UX design trends of 2019.

Storytelling in UX UI Design

Television shows, movies, songs, and podcasts use storytelling methods to captivate audiences of varying ages. With developed characters, conflict, and plots, these entertainment channels excite viewers and/or listeners and keep them coming back for sequels and other new releases.

Professional UX design should be viewed in the same way. It is no longer a novelty – it's expected for audiences to stay engaged. People are exposed to design quality every day from interacting on social media platforms to other digital services, so it’s no longer a matter of good compositions or smooth transitions. Today, the narrative in UX design must be good, too.

Developing a compelling journey and user experience for your business’ UI/UX design is just as important as it is for entertainment services to develop characters and their stories. The way you articulate the services, mission, and other important facets of your business should appeal to your target audience.

Factors such as ease of use can transform users into loyal customers, which means web design can be a considerable aspect in achieving an elevated following and engagement rate.

Voice in UX UI Design

Voice command technologies have been around since the 1950s. Although that original technology could only understand and accomplish a handful of tasks, the voice recognition services of the present offer users more than what was probably imaginable decades ago.

Today, users have voice activation services available at the palm of their hands. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, and wearables alike have voice technology capabilities, making it accessible wherever you utilize those devices. If you want to hear a song on your phone, you can ask Siri to play it for you on your iPhone. Android users can utilize Bixby Voice to search for nearby restaurants.

Using voice commands for UX design adds an exciting, modern touch to the services your users interact with your business on. From mobile apps to websites, the tool epitomizes both convenience and forward thinking for users.

Represent your company in an exciting form with voice command software integration. Whether you want to improve your SEO or enhance the appeal of your website, the developers at Code Authority are here for your professional UX design and web design needs.

Responsive Design

Some people prefer watching movies and television shows on their living room television while they eat popcorn on a Friday night. Other people watch the same entertainment channels on mobile devices while they’re on a train commuting to and from work.

The largest mobile platform is Android but everyone knows what an iPhone is. Different environments will always compete, but that doesn’t mean the user experience should suffer as a result.

Professional UX designers should be adept at ensuring a responsive design across all devices. Whether your user base frequently utilizes a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone - the design should look flawless for each.

Businesses Utilizing UX UI Design

Companies around the globe have caught onto the UX design trends of voice control for ease of access. The companies highlighted in the following section detail two of the world’s most notable technologies with UX design implementation that offers users hands-free entertainment and assistance.

Amazon & Google

Amazon Echo was released by Amazon in late 2014. Although only Amazon Prime members could access it when it was initially released, the general public could purchase the first Echo device mid-2015. The Google Home device was released by Google at the tail end of 2017.

Following in a very similar style of the Amazon Echo, Google’s brand of smart speakers are interactive devices for people to ask questions, play games, listen to audio and more.

The competition brands’ products are functionally similar, but the Amazon Echo products are less expensive than the products in the Google Home lineup. Google Home products are arguably more perceptive of user interaction with the device.

The interactive voice Amazon developed is referred to as ‘Alexa’ by its creators and users. Google’s creators devised the name ‘Google Assistant’ but users just have to say “Hey, Google” or “OK, Google” to wake up the device.

Not only are these devices used for entertainment purposes: users can adopt them as a smart home hub. From turning on lights within the home to creating grocery lists and beyond, users can pair their voice device with other smart technologies such as light bulbs and plugs.

There are now two generations of the Amazon Echo, and there is one generation of the Google Home (although, there are rumors of a second generation’s release).

Both of these companies have created devices that implement UX design in a compelling way. Whether utilizing the devices for entertainment purposes or as home assistance, both Amazon Echo and Google Home offer unique UX design that fulfills the needs and desires of the consumer.

What to expect from UX UI Design Agencies

Companies are developing technologies for users’ ease of access with UX tools. Products such as the Amazon Echo and the Google Home are great examples of successfully implementing UX design into a household product.

Executing the UI and UX design for your enterprise-level business is meant to appeal to your target audience, so to tell your story in a captivating way. Deliver that narrative in a unique fashion with voice commands for UX design. Provide users of all phone install bases with UX design they don’t have to struggle with to use.

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