Why CodeLaunch? A Unique Startup Incubator that Funds App Ideas

Why CodeLaunch? A Unique Startup Incubator that Funds App Ideas

Why CodeLaunch? The Unique Startup Incubator & Seed Accelerator that Funds App Ideas

CodeLaunch is an annual software startup incubator and seed accelerator competition that was founded by Jason W. Taylor, president of Code Authority Custom Software, in 2012. So, what separates this incubator from the rest and why was it created?

There are plenty of places you can take your startup. However, nearly all serious investors need to see a product before they will contemplate providing funding. Furthermore, most investors need to see that you’re already generating revenue before they will consider investing in your startup business.

The problem is clear; most startups will require funding from these investors prior to launch their ideas, meaning that they don’t have any revenue nor a product to obtain said funding. CodeLaunch was created to solve this problem for the entrepreneur and software communities.

Jason W. Taylor states “At CodeLaunch, we’re going to try to find a great person with a great idea that we can believe in, and then build their product. Then, they can make it to that next stage, get that seed funding, accelerator funding, and scale out nationwide funding.”

What separates CodeLaunch from all other startup incubators and seed accelerators is that having a product or generating revenues are not required prerequisites for consideration from a large audience of serious investors who are looking to fund app ideas. All that is required to participate is submitting an application online. If the Code Authority team finds potential in your application, they will invite you to compete at their annual pitch day for a chance to earn partnership with Code Authority, along with an opportunity to network with Venture Capitalist, Private Equity firms, and Angel Investors who will be attending the competition.

To learn more visit: http://www.CodeLaunch.com