The Mobile App Scene in Dallas

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People of all ages are enthralled by the digital world and how it evolves with time. As we grow older, the digital world transforms to fit our needs more than ever. Propelling toward the future, technological discoveries are not slowing down, nor are the world’s people.

Some of the country’s busiest people arguably live in Dallas, Texas. Have you ever witnessed or experienced rush hour in DFW? It’s no joke! Texans have places to go, people to see, and goals to accomplish.

In this blog post, we are discussing the many ways Dallas, Texans utilize mobile apps throughout their daily activities, and how those apps simplify the lives of millions of individuals.



Let’s go back to talking about Dallas traffic for a moment. Not everyone wants to be behind the wheel when commuting to work.

Locals utilize rideshare apps such as Lyft and Uber to go to and from social and business commitments. Whether they’re going out for a night on the town or heading to a meeting, Dallas/Fort Worth area residents appreciate hailing a ride wherever they are with rideshare apps.


Those who opt for rideshare programs like city buses and taxis in Dallas need to know what routes the vehicles take before boarding the transportation mode.

Locals rely on travel tools like the Google Transit app and the DART Travel Agent app to see route facts, traffic flow, stop information, and more.

These apps are especially handy during sporting events or concerts. Local and out-of-state fans come to see the Dallas Cowboys play, their favorite musician perform at AT&T Stadium, and more.

Scheduling & Calendars


People have numerous choices when it comes to scheduling appointments today. They could call, email, or stop in for an office visit to request an appointment, but those approaches are becoming outdated.

Those looking to modernize the way they approach appointments use practitioners’ mobile apps. It minimizes the interaction and time spent with another person, so the user can do it themselves and on their own time.


After an appointment is scheduled, it’s beneficial to set a reminder. Individuals, couples, and families in Dallas use family organizing apps to remember when extracurricular activities, doctor’s appointments, and more are scheduled.

Apps such as Cozi and Google Calendar are helpful apps that keep households orderly.

Some features that are great to use include meal planning on Cozi and adding attachments such as a document or photo with Google Calendar.


You no longer have to use pen and paper to keep track of your exercise progress – an app can do that for you!

Dallas is a beautiful city to be active in. Physical health and exercise apps enhance the experience with features such as caloric intake tracking, distance achieved, health monitoring services, and more.

With a variety of healthy lifestyle resources located around DFW, mobile apps add an additional layer of accessible health resources to people’s lives.



Food, delicious food! Mobile apps make it easy to get your favorite meals delivered right to your door. Dallas, Texas is home to hundreds of local and chain restaurants that make it easy to order from their restaurant’s app directly or use a third-party app to order through, such as Grubhub or DoorDash.

Mobile app delivery services are regarded as a modern-day delivery solution, so the phones aren’t ringing in restaurants as often as they used to.

Mental & Spiritual

Religious and meditation apps offer users mindful techniques for staying observant of oneself throughout life. With features such as guided reflections, devotionals, and more, users’ mental and spiritual health is at the forefront of these apps.

Dallas locals have mental and spiritual life apps to rely on in both the peaceful and hectic moments of life. While folks are invested in jobs, relationships, and activities, they have apps to rely upon in public or private.


Social Media

People around the world utilize social media as a platform to make friends, share ideas, promote businesses, etc. Here in Dallas, social media apps connect users with the resources they care about.

Aspects of social media such as Facebook groups, LinkedIn industry hashtags, and Pinterest boards allow locals to share common interests with one another, plan local events, and come together digitally as a community of people with shared passions.

There’s even a Facebook group for dog moms of local Dallas cities to share photos, advice, and more.


When developers began creating mobile apps in the early-to-mid 2000s, the iOS and Android app stores were saturated with games in a variety of categories; puzzles, racing, trivia, and role-playing games only scratched the surface of what was – and is – offered.

Team members at Code Authority especially enjoy games such as Candy Crush, Pokemon GO, and Words with Friends. You should check them out!


Music streaming is an extremely popular app category that can be found on thousands of peoples’ phones in DFW.

Subscription services such as Spotify and Pandora and offer listeners audial entertainment wherever they may be – the gym, in the car, at work, in a café, etc.


Dallas residents don’t have to leave their favorite shows and movies behind. With mobile apps, users can watch Hulu, Netflix, and more on the go.

Plus, these apps are great time-killers for commutes and waiting rooms.

Family & Pet Monitoring

The city and surrounding areas are fun to explore, but Dallas locals don’t compromise safety when it comes to your loved ones venturing out.

Parents and caregivers can monitor the location of their children with GPS services offered by family and safety-based mobile apps including Glympse and Life 360.

Daycare centers and other childcare services are also slowly modernizing safety and security practices by implementing security and monitoring systems to their facilities. Caregivers can view the conduct of children and staff on their mobile devices using mobile apps like WatchMeGrow.

Pet owners can even send their pets (dogs, specifically) to play care facilities where the animals can interact with one another while the owner is working, running errands, or doing whatever else they have planned for the day.

Many modern play care facilities offer pet owners peace of mind with 24/7 cameras, so the owners can check in on their pet at any time to ensure the safety, happiness, and general wellbeing of the animal while they’re physically apart.



Did you know people can learn languages, science and more by interacting with an application on their mobile phone? Khan Academy, Lumosity, and Udemy are a few examples of apps that people of all ages use to learn something new on the go.


Online review platforms are accessible with apps such as Yelp and Foursquare. These apps are super handy for people in specific locations because they don’t have to go home and get on a laptop or desktop computer to review a local business. Plus, if you’re in an unfamiliar area, the reviews can help you determine a place to eat, stay, and have fun!


Homeowners look for contractors, parents look for babysitters, and employers look for employees all the time in Dallas. Luckily, they can all do so with mobile apps that allow them to reach out to people they need.

Many apps offer background information, profiles, and reviews on potential workers and caregivers. Not only do they make it easy to discover people who would be the right fit for the job, many apps like LinkedIn, HomeAdvisor, and the app allow searchers to reach out to prospective workers with chat features.

Pertinent Information

It happens – you leave your health insurance card on the counter at home before a doctor's appointment, forget to switch out your latest driver's insurance documents in your car’s glove box, etc.

Mobile apps are the perfect backup solution because they’re accessible wherever you take your phone. You can even leave your credit or debit card at home with digital wallets like Google Pay and Apple Pay.


We’re a busy bunch of people here in Dallas, Texas. The locals have expansive interests and responsibilities, and mobile apps aid users in engaging in, and accomplishing, those activities.

Mobile apps change the way people learn about themselves and the world.

You could say the mobile app scene in Dallas is roaring. Code Authority’s mobile app developers can develop a custom mobile app for any business looking to add their services to the list of apps Dallas locals are utilizing on a daily basis.

To schedule your free, custom mobile app development consultation, visit our site to see how our team can help your mobile app vision a reality.