Why You Should Invest in Custom Software in Dallas

Investing in Custom Software for your business in Dallas

If you’re researching custom software development in Dallas, you probably fall into one of two categories: startup or enterprise. Whichever category you fit in, you need custom solutions that caters to your business’ audience in a unique way to compete with the top businesses in your industry.

Any business can utilize a drag-and-drop website to create a platform for their company, but the customization features of those tools can only take you so far. Enterprise businesses and startups also have differing needs, and the professionals at Code Authority know how to develop and deliver the solutions you need to advance your unique business.

Our CEO Jason W. Taylor said it best: “From startups to enterprise business and everything in between, Code Authority is the team that turns concepts into products.”

In this blog post, we are going to discuss why you should invest in custom software development services in Dallas, Texas whether you are a startup entrepreneur or an enterprise professional.



Startup venture entrepreneurs needing custom software to jumpstart their organization may have a general idea of the software solutions they need but might overlook key elements and functionalities that can truly make a difference. Without years of experience and trial and error, there is no structure to go off when determining the concept of your customized solutions.

Digital consultants can help you visualize the products that can aid your business internally while simultaneously boosting sales or productivity. Visionaries offer insight to help your company based on experience with other clients. So, choose an agency with years of experience working with startups for the best results.

At Code Authority, we have a great deal of experience in creating custom software for startups with ingenious concepts. Our unique and innovative seed accelerator model, CodeLaunch, pairs the best startup entrepreneurs with professional hackathon teams where team members work to provide the startup an MVP-level product in just three days. CodeLaunch is now entering its 8th year and has accelerated over 20 startups.


Enterprise-level organizations might already know exactly what solutions they need to help solve their biggest technological problems. Whether they're looking to improve processes, efficiency, or sales. a custom software solution may be just what your organization needs to take that next step.

There is also the event where your concept has already been developed and simply needs to be updated or, in some cases, rescued from faulty code or cheap offshore development.

Code Authority has years of experience developing custom software solutions for Fortune 500 companies such as American Airlines, Vistra Energy, and more.



Part of developing a startup involves designing your brand. Your brand should carry throughout digital platforms and printed content for a consistent, reliable association.

Design not only encompasses the way something is seen but embraces the feeling you want your user to experience. Startups are a blank slate in which to design a thought-provoking brand that will entice audiences and generate sales.

If your startup wants to compete with industry leaders, it’s important to have all-encompassing products to excel your business. At Code Authority, our developers create consistent, cross-platform design features that both entice users and prove to be functional to meet their needs.

Websites and mobile apps are some of the first places people find you. Whatever emotion you want your user to feel, developers have a blank slate to design a platform in which to entice your prospective customers from the start of your business.


A refresh may be necessary every couple of years to ensure your processes and build elements have not become outdated - especially for mature businesses.

Your company may have expanded, your customer base may have grown, and more. Thus, an enterprise’s solution should be designed with scalability in mind. With digital solutions constantly evolving, the design of your digital products should withstand important business processes and meet the standards of your company’s users.

Furthermore, smartphone apps have popularized tremendously over the past decade. When your enterprise created digital solutions or hired a team of professionals to develop custom solutions, a mobile application may not have been on your radar.

Now that mobile apps are tangible platforms in which users can interact with your company, you might consider asking your custom software consultant about mobile app development to take your business to the next level.



We help startups go big from the start with custom solutions that propel them from the moment they are deployed.

On-call project management services play a role in offering first-time business owners with the peace of mind they need when their custom software product is being developed.

The exciting deployment process might leave some startup owners with questions about how it can and should be used after being passed on to the company for use. Code Authority’s team of professionals work with you for a better understanding of how your new solutions can enhance the company.


Enterprise decision makers might worry about whether or not new software solutions could be a suitable replacement for their current software.

Some people are comfortable with the products they have used for years or decades. In today’s world, one must understand that technology is evolving, and modern businesses must keep up with that evolution to maintain a successful business.

Code Authority offers services such as proof of concept, quality assurance testing, and more to ensure you are happy with your updated/new solutions. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about your development and how it will suit your business’ needs.


Businesses large and small need custom software to function internally and provide users with the best possible experience when interacting with their company.

When startup entrepreneurs collaborate with knowledgeable developers for their digital solutions, they can create a concept for the perfect web or mobile app, cloud system, and more.

Additionally, while enterprises might already have a website, cloud system, etc., updating those solutions or creating a custom mobile app might be the right step to take in advancing your business.

Employing a digital transformation consulting agency for custom solutions not only enhances your business, but it is an investment for the future of your industry. That’s why both startups and enterprises should invest in custom software.

Choose a Dallas custom software development company that values the business processes of clients and their users through custom website and mobile app development.

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