Six Reasons Why Enterprises Should Switch from Prebuilt Solutions to Custom Software

Six Reasons Why Enterprises Should Switch from Prebuilt Solutions to Custom Software

People can get a lot of things customized in the 21st century: sneakers, cars, cellphone cases, and even organizational software solutions. Customized products and software are demanded by consumers and businesses more today than ever before, which means companies across a variety of industries are called to meet that demand.

In this blog post, we’re offering up six reasons why you should switch from prebuilt solutions to custom software solutions as an enterprise-level business.

Six Reasons to Get Custom Software as an Enterprise

Buying or building software is an investment to consider as an enterprise-level business. There are numerous reasons why enterprises should switch from prebuilt solutions to custom software, but these are the reasons we believe a business like yours should strongly consider switching to more personalized technologies.

Competitive Advantage

If you want to place yourself in a superior business position, getting custom software developed is a step toward doing so.

A software system tailored to your own processes will make it more efficient for employees to work, too. The business can outperform its competitors when processes are automated and made simpler for employees to perform.

The data used to determine what’s needed for an organization’s custom software development, as well as information relied upon to improve the solution in time, helps developers build a solution that gives your business a competitive edge. Developers rely upon such information to digitally transform the workplace and deliver a solution that furthers the success of the company.


If you have accounts that each require usernames, passwords, security question answers, etc., you probably need to consolidate your resources. Thankfully, businesses can do just that with custom software.

Six Reasons Why Enterprises Should Switch from Prebuilt Solutions to Custom Software

Rather than using dozens of programs and solutions to perform business tasks, software development companies can create a centralized product for your employees to use. When workers can depend on fewer solutions to perform a task, it makes them and your company more efficient, productive, and resourceful.


Would you rather adapt your company’s processes to a tool when using a solution or use software that easily adapts to your specific needs? When you choose to develop custom software for your company, you get exactly what you need without any compromises.

Companies can adjust their software, which means they can adapt to changes and trends in business. Custom software enables you to both control changes and adapt easily, which is not representative of off-the-shelf products.


Businesses looking to make room for organizational growth, as well as companies looking for a solution to handle present expansions, should consider custom software development.

When you get software developed for your business, you receive a scalable solution that can grow with the company when you need it to. The changes made to off-the-shelf solutions are in the hands of the company licensing the software, which means you’re not in control of the timing and pace at which change takes place.

Countless businesses throughout the world have already opted for custom solutions that provide the ability to control enhancements and upgrades, enabling them to plan and manage the future of the company. When clients or employees need to be added to the system, owners don’t have to go through a third-party software host to make those adjustments, among other changes.


Organizations with numerous offices can also unify processes by using custom software. Many enterprise-level organizations have more than one location where employees work. Sometimes businesses have a headquarters in one city along with numerous offices around the nation.

Just because your employees aren’t in the same office doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have equal access to pertinent organizational files and resources. When employees work from different sides of the city or nation, it’s important to consolidate resources for company-wide use. Centralized client info, organizational data, and more make it easier for employees to get their jobs done because all the teams are connected, and sharing data is made simpler.


Would you rather invest in your own business or pay annual licensing fees for software that isn’t custom? When you switch from prebuilt solutions to custom software, you pay for what you need and want as opposed to paying for unnecessary features.

Six Reasons Why Enterprises Should Switch from Prebuilt Solutions to Custom Software

Plus, it costs businesses time, money, and energy when licensing, training, and finding alternative solutions for missing features. Although off-the-shelf products can cost less money at first, using software that suits your preferences and meets your requirements can save the company a significant amount of money and prevent long-term issues.

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