Custom Software as an Enterprise Necessity

Custom Software as an Enterprise Necessity

Enterprise-level businesses often use a variety of resources to maintain different departments, processes, and organizational activities. Often, these companies are using Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions, which don't cater to a business’ each and every need. Plus, it can be difficult to keep track of the company’s data with unconsolidated solutions because the information isn’t centralized.

We believe that custom software is key to maintaining control of your business and gaining a competitive advantage. By offering insight into enterprise-level software solution necessities and explaining why your business needs them, you’ll learn what to assess your company for and how custom solutions can be beneficial for your business.

Determining a Need for Custom Software

While SaaS may help your business in some ways, its shortcomings can have a big impact on your business, leading to loss of productivity and missed revenue opportunities. SaaS products restrict any competitive advantage, as it’s far more likely competitors are using a similar (or exact same) solution as opposed to a custom product made specifically for your business. We also understand that choosing custom software as opposed to generic, off the shelf solutions can be a daunting step to take.

If you’re wondering what your company needs in a customized solution to benefit members of the business and clients alike, consider the following features custom software offers businesses that SaaS doesn’t match up to.


One reason to opt for custom software is because it can enhance the productivity and efficiency of your organization. This in turn can result in an increase in both consumer and employee satisfaction, as “ a custom solution may help you speed up service times, improve communication, or eliminate human error.

Enterprise-level businesses often have hundreds, or even thousands, of employees. The performance and productivity of those employees can have a direct impact on the success or failure of the business.

Custom software solutions should have performance-driven aspects that provide employees and employers with insight into the business. Whether that be sales information, individual employee sales rates, or another measurement, productivity and performance should be taken into consideration.

A way to determine current efficiency is by considering recurring problems within the workplace. Are your employees losing information repeatedly? Are clients asking why their project is taking so long?

Taking note of these issues is step one in determining a technology success plan, which agencies like Code Authority help you refine.

Project Management


We often have enterprise executives and businesspeople come to us to share how their current project management style isn’t suiting the amount of business being conducted or processed. The common theme: the businesses have been using off-the-shelf solutions.

Project management is done differently at every company, which is why an off-the-shelf solution just doesn’t suffice.

More than two-thirds of U.S. consumer products companies outsource work. From scheduling to procurement, professional project management is expected from companies outsourcing work. Custom software helps you deliver your products and services to your client in a way that works for you.

Scaling Your Business

Are you having a hard time with business development and growth because your current software can’t handle the expansion? Scaling a company is something to be excited about, and your current solutions shouldn’t hold you back from progressing.

Companies require scalable solutions for a few reasons. You can upgrade the software as the company grows, as opposed to opting for temporary fixes with multiple SaaS products. Additionally, a business without scalable solutions could fall behind the competition if your employees can’t keep up with production due to the lack of software support.

Software that can keep pace with a growing business can benefit employees’ productivity, leading to an increase in revenue. Most businesses must evolve, which is a sign that the organization is progressing in a positive manner.

Other functions might become essential as time goes on and the company grows, too. For example, a startup may not need advanced customer relationship management software to efficiently keep track of clients and their projects, but enterprises with a vast number of clients do to ensure the efficiency of the business.


A company should always keep the security of its data in mind. Whether it’s employee, client, or product information, it’s your duty to protect sensitive information.

Just like you want to keep your personal information for social media accounts and other channels private due to hacking, exposure, and other insecurities, businesses must do so on an even higher level to secure its material.

For example, login information such as usernames, passwords and other role-based authentications are protected within organizations.

Data security encompasses information encryption, application security, and identity management. You could trust another source with those business aspects, or you could keep that information within the company by seeking custom software development.

Data Management


In relation to data security, data management is an enterprise-level business software solution necessity because all businesses need accessible data for a variety of reasons.

One reason is because businesses need to access the data in an efficient way. Companies can go through off-the-shelf solutions that don’t work for them, leading to lack of use and waste of money. Resorting to the processes of an outside source is not a good use of time, funds, or resources.

Secondly, accessible data not only affects the employees using it but the clients you’re using the software for. Consumers and clients may need to know specific information in a timely matter, or they might even be worried about their data getting passed around from organization to organization.

You can put your client’s mind at ease by explaining how your work is not outsourced – it's done in-house with a suite of custom software solutions, which means their data is kept more secure.

Custom Software Development for Enterprises

Businesses of all sizes need solutions to fulfill a variety of organizational processes, whether they be internal or external operations. It can be difficult for businesspeople to juggle numerous programs throughout the workday, which might even lead to decreased productivity and frustration. Those outcomes can easily transfer to the client, too, if they’re left wondering when their product will be finished while having to use programs that weren’t up to par to begin with.

If you are experiencing troubles with any of the factors listed in this article, consider custom software development. It is the solution to many businesses’ organizational tracking, security, and communication problems.

Enterprise-level decision makers should value custom software over SaaS because off-the-shelf solutions do not cater to your company’s distinct needs. Custom software, on the other hand, is created specifically to keep your business secure, scalable, and successful.

Our custom solutions are developed with all of those factors, and more, in mind. Count on the professionals at Code Authority to deliver a product that can assist you in a way off-the-shelf solutions cannot. Contact our custom software developers for your free software consultation today if you’re ready to take the next step in organizational awareness.

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