Corporate Fraud | Don't Let Yourself Fall Victim to Off-Shore Scams

Corporate Fraud | Don't Let Yourself Fall Victim to Off-Shore Scams

Don’t Fall Victim to Offshore Corporate Fraud

Code Authority prides itself in being one of the largest and most established custom software development companies in the South Central United States. We are not surprised there are other companies out there trying to be us… literally.

Nice Try, China

Recently, an alleged “organization” in China fraudulently used Code Authority’s corporate identity, trademarked logo, and likeness with the intent of hiring offshore labor through forged contracts. The assumed perpetrator had promised a freelance developer from India 6,300USD for 1.5 months of work without the intention of delivering payment. The proposed agreement required the freelancer (the injured party) to provide banking information under the false pretense that invoices would be paid directly to their account. The content of the agreement was alarmingly suspicious to say the least.

Fortunately, the freelance agent was able to contact our President, Jason W. Taylor, directly and Code Authority responded with due diligence. On Friday, October 13, Code Authority sent an official cease and desist order for the alleged organization to terminate any use of Code Authority’s intellectual property. It has been declared, “Code Authority, Inc. has at no time authorized any designated representatives to enter into an agreement with the alleged organization, therefore the alleged had no right to utilize Code Authority’s name, image, likeness, or identity".


In a poor attempt to Americanize their void contracts, the alleged organization’s Contractor Agreement displays laughable images including a frequently counterfeited, outdated American bill.

The alleged perpetrator also:

  • Fraudulently represented Code Authority, Inc. as a subsidiary of their own organization
  • Stamped the document with the Louisiana State seal (We are headquartered in Texas)
  • Forged the signature of Code Authority’s President

So, What Now?

This type of fraud is unfortunately becoming more prevalent within the software development industry. The demand for web design, mobile application, and digital marketing is exponentially growing, making relevant businesses vulnerable to these incidents.

Code Authority, Inc. proudly operates as its own entity headquartered in Frisco, TX. We also have satellite offices in several other cities and states in our region. We do not hire any offshore agencies to provide our services nor do we have any existing service agreements overseas at this time. Our mission is to provide face-to-face interaction so our clients can be sure they are receiving the quality service they desire.

We earnestly ask our valued community to please be wary of solicitation from any corporation that is not operating directly from our Frisco headquarters. Code Authority will continue to protect the identity of its brand and the well-being of its stakeholders.

In order to avoid fraudulent solicitation and reap the benefits of quality software development, be sure to contact us directly through our website at