CodeLaunch Deadline Approaching Soon!

CodeLaunch Deadline Approaching Soon!

The application deadline for CodeLaunch 2015 is rapidly approaching! This year's deadline is May 31, 2015 - a mere 26 days from today. This year's event promises to be even bigger and better than last year, which featured many milestone events.

In The Last Year...

A few amazing things have happened in the last year. First and foremost, our last year's winner eCharts is proceeding fantastically. It's amazing to see firsthand the development efforts that are going into the project taking shape. We're reaching the final development milestones, and are looking forward to launch soon!

Another big event this year was the acquisition of RentEval from Code Authority, and entry into Dallas' Tech Wildcatters. Tech Wildcatters is a perfect next phase for RentEval to continue to grow the product that was started here at CodeAuthority into a fully fledged business. Read more about RentEval's acquisition here

Also from the same graduating class as RentEval, VarsityQuad reached the front page of the Windows Store. Most apps in their entire lifetime make it nowhere near the front page of any store. We were so extraordinarily proud to see VQ featured front-and-center! With Microsoft's plans for Windows 10, app development for the Windows platform is due for major growth. Code Authority is one of the only software houses in Dallas-Fort Worth with developers certified in Windows App development, making this match especially great.


With this pattern of success, next year's winner is set to be the biggest yet. Nothing is too big or too small, or too complex or simple. All ideas are welcome. Every day at Code Authority, we help guide and design effective software solutions for business of every size - your idea is no exception. We excel at cultivating ideas into something that not only just works, but delivers beyond expectations. CodeLaunch itself continues to exceed our expectations every day.

Incubation Is At Our Core

Friends, family, and people that I talk to about the event and CodeLaunch process often have an idea, but aren't sure if they have every answer to every question about how it would work, how it would function from a business model perspective, and let alone how it would be actually made. The real answer to this is that you don't need to have everything in place already! Code Authority, and our sponsors and partners, are here to help guide applicants that advance through the process to answer these questions. This is how we "incubate" your idea into something huge!

You're invited to apply online at: We look forward to hearing more about your idea!