Custom Software or SaaS: Which Should My Business Choose?

Custom Software or SaaS?

No matter the size, modern businesses rely on software solutions to manage their organizations. If reliable and usable tech has already been created by a third party, a quick way to access that software is to purchase it for your business. Typically bought as either a subscription service or a one-time payment, this off-the-shelf model is known as software as a service or SaaS.

Companies in every industry can utilize software as a service because it is an encompassing product that can be employed to meet a variety of needs. Although, that doesn’t mean those needs are met efficiently or effectively.

Conversely, custom software solutions provide companies with more than simply usable products, as targeted features and supportive components are available. This is the way to go if your business is needing unique, scalable tools for improved performance.

Here’s how custom solutions advance your organization in contrast to SaaS.

All for One or One for All?

When you go to a store and pick up a piece of clothing you like, would you rather the tag read ‘one size fits all’ or list the specific size that fits you?

In this example, SaaS is a ‘one size fits all’ type of product. From startups to enterprises within a variety of industries, software as a service is meant to cater to a wide variety of organizations; it does not offer individualized components specialized for your business. With features that suit companies differently, it’s difficult to utilize the software to its fullest potential.

Custom software, on the other hand, is meant to fulfill the needs of your individual organization with features that fit the business well. Just think of it as being tailormade for your business. Even SaaS operators offering varying levels of accessibility cannot provide businesses with personalized features that custom software can.

Furthermore, SaaS is leased software. You don’t own it, you’re out of control of the software’s updates, and you can’t make necessary modifications to it. That especially becomes a problem when you’re needing to enhance or tweak a feature for increased productivity or security reasons.

Leasing software can be risky because you’re sharing your data with the service operator. Information security is at risk because the provider has access to important login credentials and even classified information about the business.

Custom software is owned, meaning you are solely in control of the data and improvements or upgrades are entirely at your discretion. While some might find that responsibility daunting, custom software development companies such as Code Authority can aid in the evolution and upkeep of the operating system.

Additionally, with SaaS, you’re dependent on their service team for updates, maintenance, and troubleshooting. As a business, it’s your responsibility to remain n authoritative over the programs your employees are tasked to use, which includes software.

With custom software, you don’t have to worry about the discontinuation of the service providing you with a tech solution. Once the operating system is created for your business, it’s yours to keep and manage forever.


Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association (TSCRA) contacted Code Authority because they needed a custom software solution that would help inspectors verify and track cattle in the market. After an initial meeting with Code Authority’s senior architects, developers, and management team, TSCRA knew they found the perfect software company to build their revolutionary application.

One of the main factors that went into building the custom solution for TSCRA was scalability. The software will grow with the company, and the business can add more features and aspects to the software as the association continues to evolve. Just as the number of cattle and inspectors rise, so will the need for scalable solutions, which is why this was such an important aspect.

Not only did our team of developers here at Code Authority create a scalable, hybrid software solution for TSCRA, but we made it secure and designed it with accessibility and functionality in mind.

Most businesses have classified information that should be kept secure, whether it be employee data, login credentials, etc. So, creating a protected platform requiring authentication makes the business itself more secure. Once an inspector securely logs into the custom software solution made for TSCRA, they're met with a user interface that allows them to store information about specific livestock market sales. The inspector can start a sale, add data about cattle and sellers associated with the market, and securely save that data onto the database.

Most scalable developments are ongoing projects, and the custom software development plan for TSCRA is no different. Code Authority’s software developers can input the desired components for TSCRA whenever they’re ready for an enhanced development based on organizational change such as growth and areas of improvement.

Choose Custom Software Over SaaS

Code Authority has been creating software from scratch for nearly two decades, and we understand the benefits that come with the unique solutions because we undertake a variety of software rescue projects.

Several of our notable clients have come to an initial consultation and explain that their project is essentially a “rescue mission” because they initially utilized an offshore development company or they entrusted their organizational data with a company that wasn’t as well-versed in custom software as they imagined.

We pride ourselves on developing custom software solutions that help businesses with scalability, data security, and everything in between.

Our software solutions eliminate safety insecurities, the need for third parties, and more. If you’re interested in custom software development in Dallas, our solutions provide businesses with the software needed to effectively and efficiently run a company.

Schedule your free custom software development consultation today and be sure to share this post with someone that could use some software solution guidance!