Why Your Business Needs a Digital Transformation

Why Your Business Needs a Digital Transformation

To operate a cutting-edge business, your enterprise software solutions must be innovative and unique. Businesses can no longer rely on traditional methods of digital technology involving engagement, visibility, etc. Rather, a digital transformation requires new and innovative methods to stand out from the competition.

Without those elements, many businesses lack the resources required to operate at peak efficiency. In this post, we share why your business could benefit from a digital transformation and the necessary steps to implement it effectively.

What is Digital Transformation?

A transformation is the process of changing from one state to another. A digital transformation involves modernizing or opting for a new software solution to enhance your current production or efficiency.

Your employees, more likely than not, use some form of software to handle day-to-day tasks including, but not limited to, tracking information, collaborating with others, storing data, etc. Those tasks require different functions, which could lead employers to purchase off-the-shelf solutions for individual tasks.

But, the expense of solutions with features that don’t apply to your business could end up costing you more money than a customized digital solution. Products not designed and built specifically for your organization can lead to loss of productivity, revenue, and even clients.

If the business’ current solutions are leading to loss – whether it be in revenue, resources, or something else – it's time to consider taking steps toward optimizing the software that’s being used.

The interaction workers have with organizational solutions can heavily influence the success of the company. That’s why businesses should analyze their current solutions, ask those who interact with them their thoughts on the pros and cons of the software, as well as discover other options to create a more efficient workspace.

Organizational Factors to Consider

Digital transformation starts with your company before it involves another organization or agent. Preceding your digital transformation, you must evaluate the structure of your business. Analyzing your organization is helpful for determining why you need to digitally transform, who will be involved with the digital transformation, and what the best solution is for your unique business.

Here are some factors to consider when evaluating the organizational structure of your business for digital transformation.


Examine the technological resources the company accesses and utilizes such as your enterprise software solutions. Inspect the impact of those solutions and resources in your business today and determine the pros and cons of the systems.

Understanding your current system will be beneficial in stating what your new system requires to uphold the business. Consider the following questions about your systems:

  • How long have we operated using this software?
  • Why do we use this software?
  • Should we keep utilizing this software, or would it be beneficial to consult a professional for custom solutions?


Professionals in your workplace probably have varying titles with responsibilities to adhere to. Your business needs individuals who are responsible for the goals, successes, and setbacks involved with the digital transformation process. Whether it be an IT team, the executive board, or digital associates, the roles of the employees involved should be well-defined.

Consider which members of the business are responsible for the digital transformation. Here are some questions to consider regarding roles:

  • What duties are these employees responsible for?
  • How do we train the team member(s)?
  • How do we hold workers accountable? (i.e. what are their key performance indicators?)

Additionally, it is critical to have an IT team with a narrow scope. By establishing your goals early, as well as making them clear and attainable, you can test them and ensure you can meet your key performance indicators at an acceptable rate.

The Importance of Documentation

Now that you are aware of the organizational structure of your business, you’re ready to compile the information you learned about the company and its people, software, and processes.

Documentation makes keeping track of the information both easy and accessible for both your business and the digital consulting company you’re working with. Create files with this information or write down your findings to share with the professionals.

Once you’re consulting with an agency, your notes will come in handy; it will help the professionals understand the best solutions for your business. Rather than trying to brainstorm on the spot, you’ll know what areas you need assistance in or at least have a concept of where the agency can assist your organization.

How to Seek Professional Software Consulting

There are many companies that provide digital solutions consulting, guidelines, and advice on how to introduce disruptive technologies to change businesses for the better and put them on the forefront, and Code Authority is one of them!

The digital software company you choose should be skilled in evaluating software and technologies already in place, writing code to fit the job, and utilizing on-call management for your project.

At Code Authority, we ensure our clients are a part of the digital transformation process from the initial consultation, all the way to deployment of services we provide. From design to deployment, your opinion matters to us, and we want to execute the project in a way that suits your organization well.

Prior to consulting an agency for assistance, you might think of a few reasons your company needs to focus on current digital assets. Digital transformation consulting can benefit your business by providing insight into the advantages the solutions can offer your business that you may not have previously been aware of.

When employees go to the consultation with notes about their company, which explain what they know they need assistance with, the two organizations can work together to further understand the needs of the company.

Progress Your Business Today

Companies throughout the nation offer consulting, guidelines, and advice on how to introduce disruptive technologies to change businesses for the better. The idea is to put your business at the forefront of your industry. Code Authority can help you accomplish that goal!

We offer enterprise software solutions from evaluating your current software and technologies to writing custom code. We do this all while establishing an onshore team to meet those goals. Our digital transformation consulting services are the perfect enterprise software solutions because they are customized for your line of business. Plus, we can continually assist your business with scalable software if your company so desires.

To see what Code Authority’s developers can do to digitally transform your company with software assets and/or digital marketing, contact us today for a free digital transformation consultation.