The Biggest Tech Trends in Frisco, Texas

Growing Business Technology Trends in Frisco, TX

Did you know that Frisco, Texas was the fastest growing city in the nation from 2000 to 2009 and then again 2017? It’s true!

As a thriving city in the U.S., it’s no surprise that so many startups and tech companies are calling Frisco home. Industries of all types are modernizing, expanding, and developing to meet the needs of awaiting consumers.

Nico Larco once said during a TEDx Talk that “in our society today, when we have a new technology, we take it on very quickly.” Let’s uncover different ways in which that statement is true for Frisco, Texas technology lovers.

Autonomous Vehicles

One of the more innovative trends hitting Frisco is autonomous vehicles.

If you’re unfamiliar with the technology, an autonomous vehicle is a self-driving car that is aware of its surroundings.

Driverless cars need little to no help from passengers of the vehicle. Circumstances of maintenance would require a passenger of the vehicle to address the issue and seek help if necessary, but it is a self-sufficient machine overall.

While some are skeptical about its safety, autonomous cars offer users a variety of benefits.

The benefits of autonomous cars include hands-free navigation, improved safety, traffic improvements and more.

Now, you might be asking yourself, “Why do we need self-driving cars?” Well, just think of all the things you could do while the car drives for you. Autonomous vehicles will allow passengers to place their attention on things other than the road, whether it be entertainment services, the other people with you, or business affairs. It also prevents the texting and driving epidemic that has been responsible for countless lives lost on American roads.

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Silicon Valley-based company launched a pilot program that deployed a fleet of orange vans around The Star in Frisco, Hall Park, and Frisco Station in early 2019.

The company states that the purpose of the driverless car program is to “improve the state of mobility today."

The program is still in its infancy, but it has been able to collect a vast amount of data to help improve the reliability and functionality of their vehicles.’s ultimate goal is launching these without human supervision. As the first program of its kind in the state, the program captured the attention of people from around Texas.

While the pilot program was not a long-term solution in Frisco, Texas, they have began servicing the area of Arlington, Texas.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is “the use of computer technology to create a simulated environment.”

Virtual reality offers viewers 3D visuals of whatever scene is being projected by shutting out the physical world.

A variety of audiences use virtual reality technologies for fun, as well as for business purposes.

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Gamers use the technology for an elevated experience of the game they’re playing.

If you’ve been to a mall in the past five years, you may have seen gaming areas with consoles and headwear for people to play games with virtual reality machines. Those situations often involve a participant placing a headpiece on their face that covers the eyes and using a controller with their hands to play the game.

Some popular examples include Rock Band VR, Rec Room, and Tilt Brush.

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Captured Dimensions Founder Jordan Williams is bringing virtual reality to life with his business. His company produces digitized reality by using hundreds of cameras to create 3D images from people to animals.

Having helped generate content for some of today’s biggest films including Venom, Logan, and Passengers, Jordan Williams is becoming a staple in the film and video game industry with his immersive use of virtual reality, augmented reality, and 3D features.

His Frisco-based 3D and scanning and printing business is breaking barriers in the aforementioned industries with unparalleled levels of realism that transform the way entertainment is created and experienced.

Augmented Reality

Another innovative technology trend hitting Frisco is augmented reality.

In contrast with virtual reality, augmented reality can be described as “the result of using technology to superimpose information – sounds, images and text – on the world we see.”

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A popular augmented reality app, Snapchat, is one of the highest downloaded iOS and Android market apps. Millions of users use Snapchat to send limited-view photos and videos with decorated filters overlaying the captured content.

Geofilters – photo layovers with text or graphics representative of specific locations – are only available when you’re at a certain place. Snapchat expertly pairs fun and easy-to-use augmented reality features and the real world, creating endless possibilities for photo and video outcomes.

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Aireal was founded by a Dallas resident named Kevin Hart (no, not the actor) and is using his technology to completely transform the world of real estate, airspace, sports, and entertainment.

Hart’s business uses longitude, latitude, and altitude coordinates to place the digitized interactive content within a real-world environment.


The world is modernizing at a fast pace, and solutions to our biggest, most complicated problems are becoming a reality. Autonomous vehicles, virtual reality, and augmented reality are just a few of those emerging solutions.

Once topics of conversations, these technology solutions are making their way into our communities and homes. While big technology continues to influence the trajectory of our lives, Code Authority meets entrepreneurs with futuristic dreams to create custom software solutions.

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