How Business Blogging Can Lead to Sales

How Business Blogging Can Lead to Sales

With our continually-evolving world transitioning from print to digital forms, blogging is becoming an increasingly popular opportunity for companies to grow their businesses. No limits exist when it comes to sharing a less-than-formal narrative with your audience, which means any company can partake in offering insight and perspective into its business or field of work.

How a Blog Leads to Sales

Not only is blogging a creative outlet and form of expression, businesspeople often utilize blogs for sales purposes. This digital marketing tactic is a covert way to drive traffic to your website where sales and leads can be captured.

In a study of 1,400 companies, more than half of the organizations had a blog that generated, on average, 67% more leads than companies that declined to utilize their functionality.

In addition, when presented the chance to drive consumers to your website where services and products offerings are being communicated, blogging is a critical outlet to consider because it leads to increased sales and more online visibility.

Blogs are created to drive the target audience to act. Aside from the entertaining aspect of the article, businesses of a variety of backgrounds are encouraged to develop a blog for sales purposes.

Blogs For A Variety of Topics

Some businesses naturally don’t make for exciting blogs but that doesn’t mean those organizations can’t still reap the benefits. For example, while root canal procedures might not interest a dentist office’s followers, the audience could still be interested in fun facts related to dental health.

So, a blog is within reach for all types of businesses. People join social media for the sharing of ideas, entertainment, and to keep in touch or make connections with others. Keeping these reasons in mind, blogs are attainable resources for a variety of businesses wanting to improve SEO and digital marketing tactics.

How to Maintain a Blog for Your Business

Any company looking to improve its SEO and digital marketing strategy should consider creating a blog for one or more employees to maintain.

Allocate tasks such as content idea brainstorming, keyword and topic research, writing, editing, and publishing to employees. These responsibilities should be performed on a regular basi and members sharing the blogging responsibilities should have a collective social content calendar. Understanding deadlines and publishing dates will be beneficial for completing each step of the blogging process.

Content Research & Creation Tips

Content creation is an exciting aspect of preparing a blog for your business. Whether you’re a social media manager, digital content creator, or play a different role within your workplace, it’s simple to come up with ideas to share on the blog.

Content management services require generating a library of relevant content to help improve the on-page SEO efforts of your business. Code Authority helps businesses pair compelling content your audience will enjoy with content marketing strategies needed to progress your impact and reach.

Companies interested in blogging can think about what blogs for businesses in your industry write about and then consider how such topics could solve what your readers want. Everyone reading blogs for businesses are searching for the answer to a question, problem or obstacle. You can also brainstorm ideas with coworkers or look around your office for content inspiration.

Social media is another widely-used resource for researching content ideas.

Visit LinkedIn to see what is trending within your industry by typing in a keyword pertaining to your line of business in the search tab and choose to only display content results. This will give you insight into the industry’s buzz and you’ll know that your audience is interested in before you even beginning writing.

In addition to LinkedIn, check out Pinterest. Pinterest offers an array of tips pertaining to blogging as a business. People and businesses upload their own blogs, as well as infographics, that are helpful in creating blog post ideas. Utilize those resources to make the most of your business blog.

Facebook is another platform where ideas and concepts can be discovered. Find industry-related groups focused on blogging or other digital marketing tactics to enhance your content management and creation strategies.

Writing & Editing Tips

Utilizing online writing resources, such as Grammarly and Speare, is helpful for content marketing because it increases the accuracy of the presented material. Ensuring accurate information and presentation is critical for gaining the trust of your audience.

You can also turn to the professionals at Code Authority. Our digital marketing team can draft transformative content for your business and website by utilizing a comprehensive suite of content marketing tools that will help build a library of relevant material to improve your on-page SEO efforts and search engine rankings.

Publishing Tips

Social media management platforms are beneficial to use when publishing your finalized blog post. Hootsuite is a popular choice of writers and content managers alike because it explains the best times to publish content depending on the platform.

Always publish content within the advised time periods that the social media management platforms suggest. This will help you reach your audience at peak times they’re interacting on social media and that means there’s more of a chance they will interact with your social post.


Starting a blog for your business can improve SEO, connect you to your audience in an entertaining way and transform your business’ digital marketing strategies.

Captivating content creation is important for developing a digital presence leading to an increase of traffic on your business’ website. Here at Code Authority, our social media management professionals meet client’s target audience with the appropriate content for the time and platform being utilized. Our digital marketing agency representatives analyze the best practices for managing social media to digitally transform the way businesses interact with prospects and users.

To learn how Code Authority’s content marketing strategies can improve your digital marketing tactics, contact us today for your free consultation.