How Custom Software and ERP Solutions Can Improve the Performance of Your Business

What Custom Software & ERP Solutions Can Do For Your Business

What does it mean to perform well as a business? Is success defined by financial status? Customer satisfaction? Here at Code Authority, we believe that success can be achieved through custom software solutions. We know that organizational accomplishments can be measured in a variety of ways, which is why we work with you to understand what success means to you and your company. For that reason, we sat down with Jason Dziuk, Code Authority’s technical project manager, to gain insight into how custom software can improve the performance of one's business.

Custom Software Informs Executives of Employee Performance

Software should bend to the business; in other words, a company shouldn’t sway to the software. It’s important not to fit the company into a mold another business has created because it’s likely not a perfect fit, which could lead to inefficiencies or a change in the way the organization’s business is executed. That could be both demoralizing to the staff and even get them away from the intent of the company, which is to fulfill the vision, mission, and goals of the organization. Even a small movement away from those concepts could be felt subconsciously by everyone in the company.

Since software customized to meet your business’ needs allows you to perform the way that works best for your organization, you can start making note of employee performance more efficiently. Employee performance data not only gives insight to the company’s executives, but it also lets employees understand where, why, and how they should improve. Since custom software is efficiently designed for the business workflow, interaction with the system is almost an afterthought because it is such a natural way to function.

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Custom Software Identifies Places of Improvement

Custom software helps executives identify places of improvement, whether that be skills such as communication, time management, or organization. Executives, as well as employees, can check out the workplace data to determine what changes can be made on an individual or team level.

Once business members start to understand how, and in what areas, you can improve your business, you can start implementing changes to advance it. Thus, the solutions can lead to a more productive and profitable business.

Furthermore, unaddressed functionality needs are brought to light with custom software. If you’re in the market for custom solutions, it’s proof that there isn’t an off-the-shelf product that fits your needs. Luckily, software development companies such as Code Authority are here to assist in determining what solutions will fulfill those demands.

Custom Software Improves Data Security

Off-the-shelf products are often supplied to businesses through third-party companies. Those third-party organizations have access to the data that your business is using, which means the information is available to people outside of your workplace.

Businesses looking to increase the security of important data files should use custom software. With these solutions, your data is safe within the company as opposed to being accessible by external sources. The security of your organizational data means improved business performance because data breaches and insecurities are less likely to take up time you could be addressing other areas of business.

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Custom Software Impresses Investors

Startups and enterprises alike look for investors to contribute to the company. Custom software is just one aspect of your business that can entice venture capitalists and the solutions are often preferred by investors because it is a concrete product that they can interact with to learn more about the business.

Additionally, when investors can see that your business has invested in a custom solution, they begin to understand a variety of things. Some thoughts an investor might come to understand include:

  • The company was willing to do what was needed to operate on a high level of service
  • The organization was prepared to invest in itself for increased productivity
  • The investor does not have to pay for the beginning stages of the software because it’s already executed
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Custom ERP Solutions Improves the Performance of Your Business

Custom software can improve the performance of your business in a number of ways. From employee to executive level, the insight and improved productivity granted by organizational custom solutions far outweighs what software as a service can offer a business.

Code Authority has developed custom software solutions for businesses nationwide since 2001. Throughout our nearly two decades of conducting business, we have created custom software developments for notable organizations including BroadJump, College Football Playoff, American Airlines, Hoya, Essilor, and more.

To see how customized software solutions can improve your company, visit us online to schedule a free consultation.