ClickFunnels | An Effective Tool for Generating Sales

ClickFunnels | An Effective Tool for Generating Sales

How do ClickFunnels Help Businesses Generate Leads Online?

ClickFunnels are squeeze pages (a type of landing page) that convinces, nurtures, or otherwise “squeezes” a visitor into providing sought-after personal contact information, converting the visitor into a lead. An effective ClickFunnel will utilize lead magnets (incentives) to nurture visitors from the interest stage into a conversion.

So How Do You Effectively Convert Someone at the Interest Stage into a Lead?

Landing Page Design

ClickFunnels typically have very little content and only briefly explain their incentive giving the visitor the option to take action or leave. An effective landing page normally displays a credulous image to build trust such as photos of your staff on-site. The most impactful images are not taken in high-resolution with a professional camera. In fact, it is better to use a phone to take the image so it feels more authentic and cannot be confused with a stock image. After the initial opt-in, a great way to further concentrate your online traffic is to incorporate a second opt-in with a thank you page possibly offering extra incentives. “Call now to get a free ____ along with your ____!” Another strong strategy is to emphasize a limited opportunity, whether in time or quantity of vouchers available.

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Targeting Traffic Effectively

If you are utilizing paid ads or SEO to generate traffic to your ClickFunnel, refining your target traffic will produce more desirable results. People are usually unaware of the extent in which you can narrow your targeting with paid advertising platforms such as Facebook and AdWords.

For example, a dentist can target people locally on Facebook based on page ‘likes’ correlating with in-network health insurance providers. This method of narrowing an audience is commonly known as laser-targeting.

With an AdWords search network PPC campaign; you can target people locally using radial targeting and various keyword match types. Utilizing negative keywords ensures you’re paying for traffic only from highly relevant queries.

In regards to SEO, you can apply white-hat link building strategies to improve the domain and page authority of your ClickFunnel then target long-tail keywords on-site. Long-tail keywords allow people to target potential customers who are late in the buying cycle by adding extra words which simultaneously make it easier to rank. It would be a lot more difficult to rank for “dentist” than “dentist in Frisco, TX” even though the latter is more likely to attract relevant visitors to your ClickFunnel if you only operate locally.

Irresistible Lead Magnets

Once your traffic is targeted effectively, you will want to offer significant value in exchange for their personal contact information. If you are a dentist, and have interested someone who needs your service on your ClickFunnel, a good incentive would be free teeth cleaning in exchange for their name and email. Some leads may use their free incentive and never return for additional dental treatment. However, if even one of your leads opts-in for continued service, the short-term loss accrued by your lead magnet is marginal compared to the substantial long-term gain.

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ClickFunnels should be split tested to see which images and language provides the highest conversion rate.

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