Wireless and Rugged Solutions

Do you need a custom solution that travels? We offer wireless and rugged solutions for those who need something portable and reliable. If your organization hosts events such as rodeos, sports, races, or conferences, there is no better way to connect to your fans or followers than through an on-site portable wireless LAN network connected directly to the web.

Many heavy industries like construction, warehousing, shipping, trucking and more have novel approaches to operations involving custom software, but they require hardware and software that is built to take a beating out in the field. We have built custom software on strong devices for workers on the go to help cut down on time consuming pen-and-paper tasks like forms and documentation, perform calculations instantly, and update all necessary systems at the home office from the job-site.

Update your website in real time from an event or the field using a custom rugged laptop application designed to operate in the harshest environments. Whether you are keeping a real time score or taking in time sensitive measurements, a wireless and rugged solution is a great way to keep your data up to date without having to bring it to the office.

From Toughbooks, field tested laptops and tablets to portable printers, mobile Wi-Fi and more, Code Authority's custom software experience can help you create the types of applications that help rugged businesses work smarter. Whether you work in the yard, the shop, in a boat, or on a mountain, custom software for heavy industries can help your business do more with modern technology on rugged hardware at your disposal.

Custom Software Built for Difficult, Vast, and Wild Environments

  • Wireless and rugged solutions built for use in the harshest of working environments.
  • Portable and reliable to ensure a hard job is made easier with technology.
  • Update your website or database from virtually anywhere.
  • No need to re-enter data at the office.
  • Mobile Wi-Fi solutions that allow workers in the field connectivity to the web.

If you need a custom software solution for heavy industries from contracting in the city, to fishing on the ocean, to running a tractor on the farm or orchard, we can provide the expertise to complete any custom software project. Contact Code Authority today and let us bring your roaming and rough environment app ideas to life.

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