Rugged Solutions

From Toughbooks, field-tested laptops, tablets, portable printers, mobile Wi-Fi, and more, Code Authority's custom software development team can help you create the types of applications that help rugged businesses work smarter.

With 100% in-house labor in Frisco, Texas, you can clearly communicate your needs for an effective solution, which will continue to work efficiently in rugged environments.

At Code Authority, we strive to develop custom software tailored to your business. The code we develop will fulfill all of your requirements and include only the features you need. Because custom software is so unique, it can be developed to work with existing software packages and hardware capabilities. Our code is also scalable and can be fit to the size of any business.

Benefits of customized app

  • Unlocks business efficiency and opportunity for growth
  • Offers scalability, integrates with existing technologies
  • No licensing fees, the final product is 100% yours

What we provide

  • Responsive design
  • Unique and advanced technologies—such as wearables
  • Robust analytics and big data