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The Code Authority Website Design and Internet Marketing Team specializes in creating websites that are not only clean, stylish and current but also deliver results. Having a website on the internet, regardless of how well it is designed, will not provide leads or income if it is not properly search engine optimized.

On the other hand, if your business already ranks high in search engines but is cluttered with content and difficult to navigate, visitors will not stay on your website very long - defeating the purpose of SEO.

Our Dallas Web Design and SEO team members are cross-trained in the areas of graphic design, website development, and Search Engine Optimization to ensure the highest level of search engine friendly structure and navigation. This results in higher search engine rankings when users search for terms and keywords relevant to your business.

Why are we a highly recommended Dallas Web Design Company?

  • We meet with you in person to learn about your business and document your project requirements
  • We create a project design along with an SEO and Search Engine Marketing plan before we start programming
  • During the development phase of the website, our developers perform search engine optimization tasks as they program the website. There's no need to have your website designed by a web designer then turned over to an SEO Consultant to optimize it. We do it all at the same time!
  • During development, we deploy the website to a "test" domain address so our clients can see the progress of their website at any time. This allows both the client and our Web Design/SEO Project Manager to be in constant communication and reduce the development time.
  • Before the website is released, our team performs a thorough quality assurance audit and the project manager reviews with the client for approval
  • Upon deployment of the website to a live status, our SEO Team performs numerous SEO tasks to expedite the website's indexing by the search engines.
  • Our SEO team monitors your website's performance daily and tracks the initial ranking performance of the website. This allows our team to prepare and execute additional tasks (if needed) to continue to promote your website to the highest ranking possible.

In Summary, Code Authority's Web Design and Search Engine Optimization Team provides a level of execution and customer service that is unparalleled in the Internet Marketing Industry. Call us today to experience Website Design at it's best!

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