UI/UX Design

In the world of custom software, user experience is everything. It doesn't matter how good your application is, if it isn't intuitive or easily navigable, users will find another app that is. At Code Authority every application we develop is designed first and foremost with this principle in mind. We work closely with our clients to learn as much about their field and target audience before a single line of code is ever written. This ensures that our final product doesn't just work, but that it works well for its users in an intuitive way that just feels "right".

User experience is about more than just the interface, however. From branding to user interactions, Code Authority puts the utmost importance in creating a positive experience for our users. By working closely with our clients and learning about their target audience, we develop user stories to emulate the type of people who will be using the final product. This lets us step into the shoes of a user and walk through the application step-by-step, noting any and all interactions needed to make for the most efficient product possible. Many developers forego this process in favor of quicker results, but at the cost of final product quality. At Code Authority, we know that your success is our success, and in software success relies on the quality of users' experience.

Our Steps to Quality UX:

  1. Learning From the Client:
    Code Authority works closely with our clients to ensure that our software not only meets their requirements, but goes the extra mile to reflect the client's image and evoke a sense of trust and understanding in their users.
  2. Walking in Their Shoes:
    To design a truly great product, think like the person you're selling it to. Using what we learn about our clients and their target audience, we emulate typical users of the client's application and walk through how that person would interact with it, making note of any and all missing or confusing interactions.
  3. Feeling it Out:
    Branding and design is like the shirt you wear to an interview. You may be perfect for the job, but if you're wearing a messy old t-shirt with holes, you might not get it. People don't care much for products that look ugly or have a poor design. It makes them assume that the product itself is poor quality. Code Authority takes a lot of care to give your final product the best business suit we can give it.
  4. Wearing out the Soles:
    Once an application has a working prototype, we go back to step 2 and pull out our user stories again. We give our user stories to people who aren't working on the project and ask them to go through the application as if they were the person in the user story. This way we get fresh eyes to help point out any missing or confusing interactions that need to be addressed, ensuring the best possible user experience design.