Swift Development

In 2014, Apple released Swift, a successor for their long-standing official programming language Objective-C. Recognizing that the cutting-edge technology offers speed of development advantages over its predecessor, Code Authority got in on the ground floor and began taking on Swift projects immediately.

Apple's consideration of their users' experience and ability to take a lead in the industry depended on constant innovation to their programming languages and procedures and the shift to Swift ultimately proved to be a step in the right direction. Swift leverages a sharp, concise syntax that allows developers to be as expressive as necessary without sacrificing speed in their end solutions. The modern Swift language was built on top of decades of experience brought forth from lessons learned from Objective-C and its predecessors. This experience allowed for eliminating known safety issues so developers could focus on features of the product rather than the design nuances of the language. Swift brings a modern language paradigm to the design-centered reputation and ease of testing on the iPhone and iPad. If you want to use a state-of-the-art language to reach the users of the 800 million iOS devices sold and 80 million desktop Mac systems running OS X in 2014 there is no better choice than Swift.

Code Authority recognized the need to support the emerging market of mobile and desktop applications depended on engaging with and mastering the best practices in the industry. So the need to assemble and train in house developers on the Swift language was a necessary step to solidifying our authority over the latest software design and development in the Apple OS X and iOS industry.

Code Authority has already leveraged their iOS and Apple App Store expertise into a portfolio of applications that have a proven track record of success like the 2013 Code Launch winner RentEval. RentEval is the mobile rental evaluation software that is leading the real estate industry making tracking conditions of rental properties a faster, more accurate, and more affordable process for businesses all around the country. Additionally the 2014 Code Launch winner eCharts set for launch in Q2 2015 is built from scratch using Swift to ensure that the aviation industry has a novel solution to a historically pen and paper process. The eCharts software eliminates the need for major airlines to carry heavy indexes of important charted information by leveraging the information into an iPad application that lowers the weight and high fuel cost of carrying the traditional large charts while simultaneously making the charts faster to reference and easier to read for pilots.

Code Authority has the expertise you need to make your OS X or iOS Swift projects a success. We accommodate all project's needs, from a project in progress that needs an extra push to go from good to great, to just an idea that needs to be built from the ground up. Contact Code Authority and put our Swift development experience to work for your Apple applications.