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Thorough Software Testing Is The Cornerstone Of High Quality And Successful Projects.

Without effective test phases with good test coverage you could lose significant chunks of users, revenue, and effective completions of your goals and you might not ever know it’s even happening. With Code Authority's Dallas, Texas based Software Testing services you can ensure significant improvements are made to your application by revealing and correcting defects.

The reasons for this testing are important. Bugs aren’t plainly obvious to developers and clients and even many users all of the time. If you have a bug that only occurs to 15% of users of an application or website it’s likely that even dozens of different basic examinations by developers or clients won’t reveal the issue.

Software Testing Solutions

  • Automated UI Testing
  • Security and Penetration Testing
  • Cross Device and Cross Browser Testing
  • Search Engine Optimization Analysis

Consider a scenario where an issue with your product happens 15% of the time on an order form or contact page or other critical piece of functionality. The gross revenue of the project could easily be diminished by 15% or more, and because of the obscurity of the issue it may not even be discovered by the clients, developers, or even the overwhelming majority of the users while 15% of the active users are experiencing it.

Active users are quite fickle, and it’s likely that even while 15% of the users are experiencing the issue none of them will actually report the issue to the client or developer, instead they will simply choose a different option or competitor’s product. Additionally in the rare event that they do report their issues, it’s often reported with only untechnical and unspecific information. The report “I tried your contact form and it didn’t work” does not convey enough information about what caused things to actually go wrong to find or fix the issue for a lot of major problems. The developer or client would go and try the contact form in their environment again, only to discover that it continues to work in their environment and mark it off the list as a non-issue because most users aren’t reporting it.

Additionally that’s assuming the report of the issue actually makes its way to a developer, often times the person working the front desk or answering the office phone may be the only person to hear a customer complaint about a bug and if they don’t see the issue they won’t pass it on. Meanwhile concurrently in this scenario the actual effectiveness of the client’s goals or revenue on the project are reduced by a significant amount that could have been saved by a testing phase with good coverage.

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