Project Spotlight

President Jason W. Taylor and Executive Director of the CFP, Bill Hancock.

It's no secret that the arrival of the College Football Playoff era has rewarded fans, media, and players with a path to a true championship. Though behind the scenes the CFP was faced with many great challenges to implementing the new system and earning public acceptance. One of which was building a highly secure and reliable custom software application.

Code Authority is the leading custom software technology team in the south central United States. We have expertise in complex engineered software design and topology challenges and we don't use any offshore labor. These are some of the reasons the College Football Playoff selected CA, through a blind vendor selection process, to build their proprietary committee meeting platform.

From a fan's perspective it seems easy. On the last 7 Tuesday nights of the season you turn on ESPN and there you have it, the CFP top 25 ranking is out. Behind the scenes, however, a complex multi-day process takes place. The committee has to follow a strict voting protocol managed by a moderator. The voting takes place over the course of multiple days and the data from the previous day has to be kept completely secured. Gone are the days of tallying votes on a whiteboard or writing rankings in a notepad. The College Football Playoff selection process uses a specialized, ultra-modern solution built and maintained by Code Authority Custom Software to securely manage the entire process.

Under project manager John Anderson, the software moved from initial concept to a fully tested and approved system in only 3 months. The software uses the latest techniques in visual display and security. Code Authority is proud to have contributed to the successful implementation of this new era in college football history. You can watch the testimonial video below.

You can catch a glimpse of the committee meeting platform built by Code Authority during the 59 second CFP Selection Show intro clip seen below.