Microsoft Office 365 Migration

Dallas Office 365 Migration Requires a Careful Plan That We Just Happen to Have

Since 2001, Code Authority has been a leader in Dallas, Texas for web-based business solutions; from small, personal businesses to large companies, we have the knowledge necessary to provide the comprehensive planning you need to bring your business to the cloud, using Office 365 Migration.

First introduced by Microsoft in 2011, Office 365 quickly became the leading service in cloud-based solutions, and is now the must-have for both online and offline businesses. Increase your productivity and never lose another document again with seamless file syncing across all of your devices, using the same Microsoft Office apps you already use paired with Office 365’s leading cloud-based technology.

What Does Office 365 Migration Offer to Your Company? Everything Your Company Needs

Office 365 offers unrivaled migration to the cloud from POP3, IMAP, and other hosted or on-premises MS Exchange Systems, and is compatible with Microsoft Office 2010 and above in desktop or remote server applications for Exchange E-mail, SharePoint collaboration, and Skype for Business messaging. In other words, you can migrate to o365 no matter the size or location of your business networks and directories, and will keep you and your files up-to-date, up-to-speed, and up for whatever you can throw at it. Consider just a few of Office 365's many advantages:

  • Cost Effective - With no upfront Microsoft fees and low monthly rates, Office 365 Migration is affordable for any business and offers increased ROI
  • Real-Time E-mail and Data Sharing - With three time zones in America alone, doing and sharing work across the country using the cloud means that everyone can work together in their own time without the risk of fragmenting your business
  • Selective Data Migration - Depending on your business' distinctly unique needs, your Office 365 Migration Partner will help you to decide exactly what you do and don't need on the cloud
  • Ultra-Safe and Secure - With globally redundant backups, comprehensive privacy features and robust data recovery, MS Office 365 offers true peace of mind security and so much more
  • Anytime Access to the Newest and Best Office Software - With Office Online, never worry about having the right software installed no matter where you are; all you need is an internet connection to use any Microsoft Office application right in your browser with Microsoft Office Online

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