DevOps as a Service

devops as a service

DevOps is both a technical and cultural approach to treating development and IT operations as a holistic system. DevOps as a service fits precisely with the Code Authority development process because it can work with any size client and allows rapid progression towards business goals.

Like our software, the Code Authority methodology is constantly iterated, refined, and customized to meet the growing demands of industry. With our 100% in-house labor from our headquarters in Frisco, Texas, you can clearly communicate your needs throughout the development process.

At Code Authority, we strive to develop custom software tailored to your business. The code we develop will fulfill all of your requirements and include only the features you need. Because custom software is so unique, it can be developed to work with existing software packages and hardware capabilities. Our code is also scalable and can be fit to the size of any business.

Our developers will get to know your product and code; therefore, you can always be rest assured that your software has continuous support.