Custom SAAS Applications

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a common way to deliver software to end users around the world from a centralized location. Using the cloud, software such as CRM, accounting, collaboration, payroll processing, gaming, service desk management, and many other business applications can be hosted and run while reducing IT costs and maintenance.

With a SaaS delivery model, the need for physical distribution of software is eliminated and software can be deployed and updated for end users immediately. Hosting SaaS on the cloud means that the headache of acquiring and maintaining hardware and server licenses is a thing of the past.

Since the beginning of the cloud computing era, we have been developing custom SaaS applications for our clients. More often than not, we become long term partners with our clients and maintain and enhance the SaaS applications we develop for many years. We also provide 2nd level technical support and become a product engineering partner for the life of their product.

SaaS Case Studies

BroadJumpBroadJump came to us in 2013 with an idea for a Web-based technology that would transform healthcare by providing real-time pricing transparency. While designing this application it was apparent that it needed to have the robust big data analysis power that Windows Azure provides while delivering complex reports to users from around the country in an intuitive user interface. Software as a Service in The Cloud was the perfect model for this project. Using this model, BroadJump is able to license the use of the product without adding to their infrastructure and without additional on-site support. We have continued to host and enhance the BroadJump product since its conception and hope to be a partner for many years to come.

ezLocatorEZ Locator is a fun product which allows golf professionals and course owners the ability to minimize pin placement mistakes and more using a state of the art pin placement software hosted on Windows Azure and consumed through desktop and mobile applications. Using the power of SaaS in the cloud, we developed a product which allows EZ Locator to distribute their service quickly and efficiently without having to worry about licensing or hardware. The SaaS distribution model allows for a single point of data storage and maintenance for all of their clients. As EZ Locator has gained in popularity we continue to support and enhance the product to meet the demands of their growing business.

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