Custom Database Design and Development

Custom Database Design is a key part of Enterprise Solutions Development, and many times a Custom Database Solution is all our clients require. The database can be the most critical part of a Windows or web solution. It holds what is often the most vital information that an application requires.

Efficient Custom Database Design is essential to most applications. If built correctly, a database will allow for quick and easy access of data. An improperly built database can make enhancing an application more difficult and time consuming; a properly built database can make these changes quick and easy. At times, such changes will not even require a new deployment of the application.

Our software development team uses a variety of best practices and technologies that allow us to develop and deploy these custom database applications more rapidly than ever before and therefore at a lower cost. We are committed to providing our customers the absolute best custom database design and software development solutions.

  • Custom database applications require the architect to have a depth of experience in relational database design. Building your application on the right database design ensures the delivered tools will solve your business problem
  • Good design also facilitates ease of enhancement as your business grows and your requirements change
  • Web based database applications, whether they are intra, extra, or internet based, require a special set of skills. They also demand careful management of your web application after it has been launched
  • Our tier-1 colocation facility allows us to provide a "one-stop shop". We like to take total responsibility for the entire scope of your web presence
  • Our ability to optimize website content and web applications for search engine placement is another software service that allows us to cover all the bases for our customers
  • Windows or mobile based database applications require understanding the infrastructure and networks in multi-user office environments. These types of applications must be developed with a well-defined plan for future upgrades and support

Custom Database Design

  • More efficient relationships between data
  • Proper indexing to ensure rapid data processing
  • Complex queries, reports, and calculations
  • Database tier and business tier code generation (ORM)
  • Re-use of popular application and web frameworks
  • Test driven design
  • Usability Reviews
  • Code Reviews

Custom Database Development can be based on your requirements or work with your existing database. Once a new database has been built, data from your existing solution can be imported. From this Custom Database we can pull data and present it in any way you need as well as manipulating it in complex ways as your business requires. This will give your application a greater flexibility and robustness than would otherwise be possible.

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