CMS Made Simple Development

CMS Made Simple

CMS Made Simple is a free, open source content management system made to streamline website management by using a simple and easy backend interface. Great for users who want to update and manage websites by themselves, CMS Made Simple scalable for small businesses and large corporations alike. From the WYSIWYG, rich text editors to the intuitive file and image manager, CMSMS is the quickest and easiest solution to website content management.

Code Authority offers fully customized CMS Made Simple themes for websites of all purposes and sizes. With its wide selection of tools and modules, e-commerce sites are easier, gallery pages more efficient, and user subscription services more manageable. The only limit to what CMS Made Simple can do is your own imagination!

Notable Features

  • SEO Friendly URLs
  • Integrated online help support
  • Modular and extensible design
  • Multi-tiered user roles and permissions
  • Caters to both beginner and advance users