Cloud Solution Development

Cloud Computing Solutions are becoming an integral part of many business applications. They utilize centralized resources that can be adapted on the fly making concerns such as scaling a simple matter, and eliminating the need for hardware support as this is all done by the which allocates the resources.

Because Cloud Solution resources are managed on your behalf, you no longer have to worry about things like licensing or viruses. Additionally, many Cloud Services are bought via a "Software as a Service" (SAAS) model. This eliminates the need to predict how large or small your needs will actually be. If something turns out to need far greater resources than originally expected, all you need to do is purchase additional resources and they are instantly available. Conversely, if fewer resources are needed, you can scale your Cloud Services back in the same manner.

Cloud Solutions

  • Scalability
  • Reliability
  • Software as a service (SAAS)
  • Externally managed system

With Azure, Microsoft's answer to the need for Cloud Solution Development, you can access applications on the cloud from anywhere. We can develop Cloud Applications that run locally, in the cloud, or a mixture of both. Azure solutions not only allow these applications to run on the cloud, but they provide a way to store application data as well.

Azure SQL Database will allow you to have a Cloud Database Solution which makes it scalable with minimal effort. Because it is distributed across many nodes, complex operations have the advantage of having several machines at their disposal. A SQL Azure database can not only be accessed by other applications on the cloud, but by on-premise and mobile ones as well.

Maintaining computer systems has traditionally been a day to day burden. Utilizing Cloud Computing Solutions allows you to put those concerns on aside and focus on the specific needs of your business.

Microsoft Azure Development

Cloud solution development with Microsoft Azure allows you to utilize an environment that is highly scalable without having to worry about infrastructure.

Microsoft Azure runs on a cloud infrastructure which gives it several advantages. One of the key advantages is scalability. If an application needs to be deployed quickly, there is no longer a need to verify that the hosting server has the necessary capabilities because everything is housed in Microsoft data centers. The system resources required can be purchased and made available immediately. As an application or organization expands or as resources become inadequate, it is no longer necessary to purchase an entirely new server. Acquiring more resources is simply a matter of purchasing them through the cloud. This allows for faster and more efficient deployment of hosted applications.

With Microsoft Azure, you no longer have to have servers dedicated to application or website hosting, and applications can be deployed without having to manage data server installation. Applications can be built to run either locally or on the cloud. Local applications can interface with the cloud, allowing users to access data wherever they are. Software which uses Microsoft Azure can be switched to work off of Azure with minimal changes.

Microsoft Azure

  • Cloud Based Hosting
  • No Need For Dedicated Servers
  • Eliminate Server Maintenance
  • Fast Deployment
  • Instantly Scalable Resources
  • Accessible by Local or Cloud Applications

Azure SQL Development

Azure SQL Database is a cloud based database solution which allows you to utilize a distributed, scalable, and efficient database environment accessible wherever you need it.

The capabilities of the cloud infrastructure are also extended to databases. SQL Azure reduces the need to manage and update the database and also makes server maintenance unnecessary. Features such as high ability and fault tolerance are built in. The database is distributed across many nodes rather than an individual database on a single machine. Large queries are scaled around many machines which can dramatically improve running time. Databases within the cloud can be accessed by applications which run locally or on the cloud. If database needs grow outside of the bounds of the current resources, more resources can be obtained. Alternatively, resources can be scaled back when they are no longer needed.

Azure SQL Database

  • Cloud Based Database
  • Reduced Maintenance
  • Built in Features Such As Height Ability and Fault Tolerance
  • Distributed Across Multiple Nodes
  • Large Queries Scaled Around Multiple Machines
  • Accessible by Both Local and Cloud Applications Anywhere
  • Instantly Scalable Resources

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