Automated Coded UI Testing CUIT

Automate Critical Work processes with Microsoft .Net Coded User Interface Tests

When functions in a software application need constant monitoring and checks to ensure they are fully operational an automatic test is one of the most financialy viable options to consider. Automation allows product owners to replace manual testers or other staff who would keep an eye on the critical areas during the work week or regular business hours, with software tools that constantly check and report on the status of the most crucial functionality in their systems with almost no downtime.

Code Authority can design and implement coded user interface tests (CUITs) that can test just a few functions or up to thousands of different operations and make assertions about the product regularly without human interaction necessary and then report faults and defects directly to the developers with a large amount of technical information specified about the discovered issues. The test can be custom made for any browser or operating platform and scheduled to run on a regular basis on the webserver or on distributed networks and platforms. CUIT tests operate on the graphical user interface ( GUI ) and perform clicks, swipes drags and keyboard functions just like a regular user.

Automation Testing Solutions

  • .Net C# Unit Tests
  • Coded User Interface Testing ( CUIT )
  • Selenium Web Browser Automation
  • Build verification Testing
  • 24 hour and nightly system checks
  • Automated reporting
  • Q-Unit and Framework driven testing

Code Authority has the expertise to add significant value to projects in need of automatic testing services. From basic consulting to complete code coverage for complex applications test automation is a way to help ensure quality accross systems that demand it. To help analyze your projects and determine if automation is the next step Contact Code Authority online anytime or call our Dallas based office at 469-656-5036 for testing services.