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You Have Billions of Unique Email Addresses

A brief guide on email aliasing with Gmail.

Continuous Discussions: Docker & DevOps

Joined Electric Cloud on their online panel Continuous Discussions for the topic "DevOps & Docker" where we talked about best practices for containers scaling to enterprises in production

Designing with color

The process of how to utilize color to power user interface designs and mocks. The importance of color theory and how to properly select the right color scheme for work done for clients. How colors are able to affect a person through the psychology of color

Motion in UI and UX Design

Discussing the benefits of utilizing motion and animation within UI and UX design. How the integration of motion within UI interface designs can improve the development process, interaction with clients, engagement with your audience and overall experience with users.

The Architectural Analysis

The importance and the steps used in performing a formal Architectural Analysis

Universal Custom iOS UI with Swift

Setting up custom UI elements in each View Controller gets repetitive quickly and leads to copied code all over your app. Luckily, there's an easy way to set up your custom UIToolbars, UITabBars, and other UI elements all in one place.


Adventure through Xamarin, Native and Cordova!

TestFlight- Testers Guide

This is a brief guide on how to become a TestFlight Tester.

Continuous Delivery with Visual Studio Team Services

Shorten the feedback loop between development, quality assurance, and the customer to deliver value faster.

The 30 second guide to saving hours of testing time using Browser-Sync.

Save hours of software testing work with 30 seconds of setup using browser-sync a cross device compatibility testing tool.

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