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Code Authority is the leader of the software industry serving large corporations and supporting the entrepreneurial community. Our team of in-house developers demonstrate proficiency in UI/UX design, software development, and Agile methodology, resulting in a premium experience for our clients.

As a results-driven company motivated by the ever-changing technology landscape, we take pride in incorporating the latest technologies into every project. By applying this model, we can guarantee the most optimal and up-to-date solution.

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What Our Clients Have To Say

Don’t take our word for it. Since 2001, large corporations from a variety of industries have leveraged Code Authority’s team of experts in software development, web development, design, and digital marketing to secure premium tech solutions in a timely manner. See what some of our clients have to say…

The College Football Playoff wanted to build a platform upon which to conduct its committee meetings which determine the season final rankings. After a blind vendor selection process, Code Authority was selected to design and build their software. College Football Playoff has achieved immense success, and Code Authority is happy to have taken part of their journey!

CommonEdits is a collaborative music platform that allows independent artists to generate revenue with a turn-key solution for licensing, publishing, and distribution. Code Authority’s team assisted CommonEdits by creating the original UI/UX design for their web app and mobile app, Crowd Remix. Subsequently, CommonEdits founder, Matthew S. Lewis, received $600K in seed funding from the Austin VC firm MVII8.

BroadJump started as a simple vision to provide improved analytics and insight into medical supply pricing and processes. Code Authority turned their vision into a reality by building the official BroadJump website and application. BroadJump has been going strong ever since, attracting investors and gaining popularity from various levels of users.

CodeLaunch Startup Expo

CodeLaunch allows angels, developers, and startup founders to collide in a space where deals can happen and companies are launched.

CodeLaunch is Code Authority’s annual seed accelerator for startup technology product ideas. We scour the world for the best startups we can find. The finalists square off at our Pitch Day Event each August for their chance at having their product MVP created and launched by Code Authority.

Some of the best app ideas can come from people who don't know how to make apps. That's why Code Authority helps take great ideas and launch them every year. If you have an app idea that might help improve your job, your life, your kid’s lives or anything else you can think of, visit the CodeLaunch website via the link below to learn more about the competition and apply!